Absorption of carbon dioxide from gaseous mixture (carbon dioxide, air) was
studied by using Carbonate Solution (Na2CO3) in a counter-current packed column (7.5 cm
id, 1.70 m height), packed with glass rashing rings of 1.8 cm i.d to a depth of 1.1 m.
The effect of Surfactant concentration (dodecyl benzene sulfuric acid sodium
(DBS))(0.5, 1.5, 2.5gm/lit.), gas mass flux (0.05, 0.075, 0.1 kg/m2.sec) and liquid mass flux
(kg/m2.sec) on the absorption rate of carbon dioxide and mass transfer coefficient was
studied at constant carbonate concentration (0.3 kmol/m3), inlet carbon dioxide
concentration(0.08, Y2=0.086 mol CO2/mol air), ambient temperature and atmospheric
pressure. The results show that the absorption rate tends to increase with increasing gas and
liquid flow rate. Mass transfer coefficient (KG.a) increases with increasing liquid flow rate
and slightly change with increasing gas flow rate. Increasing surfactant concentration
(decreasing surface tension) leads to decrease the absorption rate and mass transfer