The effect of laser surface heat treatment on wear resistance of 100Cr6 steel was
investigated. In this work, 100Cr6 steel which is widely used in many industrial of automobiles
hardened by using Nd: glass laser (l=1.060mm, t=300ms). Three different laser energies have been
used to perform hardening (0.3, 0.58 and 0.93 Joule). A pin-on-disc technique has been used to
evaluate wear rate of the specimens as-received and specimens treated by Nd: glass laser at
different applied loads and different sliding speeds with 420 r.p.m and 45 HRC of rotating
disc. The results show that the wear rate increases with increasing applied load and decreases with
increasing sliding speed, wear rate for laser energy 0.93 J less than another energies 0.3 and 0.5 J.
Also the microhardness decreases with increasing in depth of hardening, and the microhardness
for laser energy 0.93 J more than another energies for the same depth.