10.30684/ etj.29.5.10


The transonic flow past unswept and swept wings has been studied. For this
purpose the transonic potential flow equation is solved for inviscid compressible flow.
The shock waves are replaced by discontinuities across which the entropy is
conserved. The velocity field and pressure coefficients are estimated as function of
free stream Mach number. The results show the effect of free stream Mach number on
shock waves location and the velocity field around the wing section. The Euler
solution and potential flow solutions are identical at subsonic flow; however, at
supersonic flow the potential theory can no longer predict the flow field correctly. The
results show the important effect of sweep angle on the value of the critical Mach
number for wings. By using Visual foil plus the pressure distribution and lift
coefficient and Mach contours for flow Past a NACA 0012 airfoil can be predicted.