This research is a numerical study to determine the impact of changing the
shape of absorber plate on the temperature distribution of the solar storage
collector used to heat and store water at the same time. Absorber plate in a
parabolic shape was used with different cases and study of the shape that gives the
best distribution of temperature, by using a computer program based on (C.F.D)
(computer fluid dynamic) to study the equations governing the flow of fluid freely
within the storage collector as a result of solar irradiance falling upon. these
equations is the equation of continuity , equations momentum in tow directions and
the energy equation, solved these equations using the method (vortex - stream
function) for a full breakdown of the temperature and flow within the storage
collector . The results showed the possibility of improving thermal gradient for this
type of storage collector through the use of absorber plate Followed by a parabolic
equation and it gives maximum and minimum temperature (55 , 24 °C)
respectively, offset by (41 , 19 °C) of the flat plate storage solar collector ,it
inclined at an angle (◦ 45) on the horizon.