The floor tiles (mozaek) used largely to finish floor. These are different from
kind to kind according to the size of the rock that used in the surface layer with its
dimension and external form.
The size of the rock in the surface layer affect on the cost and floor tiles
specifications; it has been noticed in the results of lab- test for the samples
according to Iraqi specification no. (1042) year (1984).The changes in the size of
the rock in floor tiles make changes in the lab- test results especially in the
modulus of rupture test which is the most important to indicator to know the floor
tiles goodness the modulus of rupture decreases with the increasing of the marble
rock size which is used in the surface layer . Absorbent and the total absorbent test
noticed the test results change according to size marble rock changes.there are
increase with the increasing of marble rock size. also the cost related to marble
rock size as the rock consider the essential material which controlling the floor tiles
cost, because there is a big contrast in marble rock price in different size.so the
increase in the cost was 35%btween smallest and largest size.