This Study is aimed to investigate the seismic design for typical ten-story
building by using codes formulas for evaluating the base shear forces, and
distribution of these forces, and lateral displacements along the height of this
building, also a comparison is made between two seismic codes. These different
design codes are: UBC 1997 and IBC 2006 codes. It is concluded from this
analysis that the maximum computed lateral displacements for this building by
using UBC 1997 is equal to (58.6%) relative to lateral displacements computed by
using the IBC 2006, also it is concluded from the results that the value of base
shear obtained by using IBC 2006 code is higher than the value obtained by using
UBC 1997 code by (66.6%).
The results of the bending moments obtained from the computer analysis of the
applied static seismic codes, shows that the bending moments of columns is
higher when using IBC 2006 code.