The present study deals with the prediction and distribution of temperature of air that is contained in an enclosure (test room). The test room is equipped with a concrete thermo storage wall (Trombe wall). All walls of the room are thermally insulated except the one that is facing the sun light. The latter is composed of an external layer of glass followed by an air gap and the Trombe wall. Temperature
readings were taken on 21st and 22nd of December 2009. The theoretical investigation of this study is done by solving continuity,
momentum and energy equations using Finite Volume method. The solution
includes the use of the algebraic expressions of turbulent viscosity and diffusion coefficient using (k - e) turbulent model. A FORTRAN computer program is built and used to obtain the temperature and its distribution inside the room and across the wall. The variation of the temperature with time during the two days, mentioned above, has marked a highest temperature of 40oC at one clock pm . The comparison between theoretical and experimental results indicated that the rate of
rising of the mean room temperature observed experimentally is higher than that observed theoretically. However, the latter has faster rate of drop and the wall keeps the heat for longer time. The comparison is considered acceptable despite of the observed discrepancies