1 Engineering College, University of koya/ Dohok

2 Material Engineering Department,University of Technology/Baghdad


The new improved heterogeneous epoxy systems were successfully synthesized at different volume fraction and particle size for (0.1-50 μm) p.s and (10, 20, 30, and 40 %vol..) additives ratios respectively.
The base epoxy firstly cured with the above additive at these ratio by use of mechanical mixing without heat then mold and solidified for 48 hrs. Different thermal and mechanical properties achieved at different volume frication and partial size such as ( thermal conductivity, bending resistance , impact resistance and hardness). The results of final heterogeneous epoxy ceramic systems characteristic properties are:
Lower thermal conductivity at for boron heterogeneous systems than other
systems of Al2O3 ,SiO2, ZrO2 at 0.13 and o.37 for small and large range p.s than others of 0.18,o.21,0.37,and 0.37 for small and large range p.s than others of 0.18,0.21,0.37, and 0.41,0.49,0.55 w/mc°. Hardness of shore is higher for boron heterogeneous system than others one at 38 for large p.s and 87 for small one than others of 79,75,73 and 84,82,81 respectively . The high value of impact strength for boron system for small and large p.s for than others at 4.1 and 3 than 2.8,2.1,1.8 and 3.8 resistance at small and large p.s for boron heterogonous System than others at 0.25, and 3.8, than 0.28 , 0.35, 0.4 and 0.42, 0.43 and 0. 46 respectively.