This work has been done with using of epoxy resin mixed with polystyrene
(90/10) % to compose binary blend. Two types of powder (TiO2, MgO) in two volume fractions of (10, 15) % were used as reinforcement materials to the prepared polymer (B).Hand lay-up technique is used in fabrication of the composite samples. Impact test was carried out for the proper samples in both normal condition and after immersion in water, KOH (0.5 N), HCL (0.5 N) solutions for periods ranging up to 8 weeks. After comparing the results between the polymer blend and their composite, it was found that Impact Strength were greater for the matrix (B) after immersion compared with their values before
immersion while the results of the composite before immersion show that
(B+10%MgO) has higher impact strength (11.333) KJ/m2