Flat rolling of wire is an industrial process used to manufacture electrical flat wire, medical catheters, springs and piston segments, among other products. This paper presents a 3D finite element analysis of wire flat rolling. The variations of rolling force due to roll speed changes, Effect of reduction in height on width of contact Area, and
Lateral spread of wire has been discussed. It is found that a negligible increase in flow stress and rolling force does occur due to increase in the strain rate at room temperature. Besides, the results showed that the behavior of rolling force variation versus roll speed
depends on the rolling reductions. A theoretical relationship has been developed to relate the reduction in height of wire to the width of contact area between the rolls and wire. This relationship depicts that the width of contact area is proportional to square root of
reduction in height of wire. Finally the finite element can give a reasonable estimation of the deformation behavior in wire flat rolling, since the theoretical predictions are reasonable agreement with the experimental measurements of other authors.