This paper proposes the modeling ,implementation and simulation of three phase induction motor driver, using voltage- fed space vector pulse width modulation technique (SVPWM).The sources of total harmonics (i.e. total effective harmonics,inter-harmonics,and sub-harmonics) and how it affects on drive system and their affects on the supply power network are studied. A developed formula of total harmonics distortion factor (THD) including ,inter -harmonic, and sub- harmonic has been introduced while in the previous studies are neglected. The effect of inter-harmonics and sub-harmonics on the performance parameter of total harmonics distortion factor , switching losses factor (SLF) and quality factor (QF) has been deduced. Modeling , and simulation of the system using PSIM software are also presented. All results are obtained by studying the waveforms of voltage and current at the source and load sides with different speeds of motor drive. The simulation and experimental result are consistent with theoretical studies and excellent , they indicate that the model is accurate and practicable.