10.30684/ etj.29.12.10


In the last years the electronic networks were used in several practical field of life. The mobile networks is considered one of the important and powerful type of these networks, that have wide area of using in the electronic life, such as financial application, electronic learning, remotely management and basic role in information management field. In this paper a new system is proposed that can work to protect the customer information in the mobile devices and manage it through network server. The idea is based on design and builds a system for information management especially to each customer (such as bank system), and then display this information on the customer mobile device after an authorized connection with the manager of the system database and request the information. The customer information must be secure enough, therefore one of the proposed system tasks is to protect the information of each customer, this task is done by using a block cipher method(DES). The proposed system provides another task that is the basic operations which the manager of the system database can do such as add, delete, update, and so on. The system is implemented by using with a database of type .sdf which is especially used in the mobile applications and implement it in the HTC(High toxicity clastogens) smart phone mobile.