In present work experimental studies have been carried out on three types of crystalline zeolites were prepared and used as supports for platinum catalysts. All were synthesized in the laboratory (ZSM-5, -11, and –23) with SiO2/Al2O3 ratio of 37, 86 and 94 respectively. N-Pentane is used as a feedstock for the process. The isomerization and cracking reaction were investigated to characterize the catalysts performance toward higher activity and selectivity to desired products. The
performance of catalysts was studied under the following operating condition:liquid hour space velocity in the range of (1-2 hr-1), reaction temperature in the range of (310-350 °C). The results showed that the prepared catalysts exhibit different activities toward n-Pentane isomerization and hydrocracking. These catalysts have high activity toward isomerization at low temperature while at high
temperature the yield toward hydrocracking is increased. Also hydroconversion of n-Pentane decreases with increasing of liquid hour space velocity.