According to the high performance demand of speed control of an induction motor, Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) gives superior behavior over wide range of speed variation. Fuzzy logic is a robust controller for linear and non-linear system, even if good mathematical representation of the system is not available. But, adapting
fuzzy controller parameters is very complex and depends on operator experience. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm is proposed in this paper as an optimization technique for adapting centers and width of triangle inputs membership functions. The ordinary adapting method of FLC is represented too. Meanwhile, based on the concept of optimization, ways of defining the fitness function of the
PSO including different performance criteria are also illustrated. The complete mathematical model and simulation of an induction motor and inverter are represented in this paper. The simulation results demonstrate that the proposed PSOFL speed controller realizes a good dynamic behavior of the I.M with very good speed tracking.