A solar chimney is a hot air channel attached to a circular translucent
roof opens at the periphery. The roof and the ground below it form an air collector. It enhances natural ventilation by employing air temperature difference between channal inlet and outlet. An experimental work was carried out for a designed and fabricated prototype solar chimney, in Baghdad-Iraq’s autumn weather 2009. The chimney’s tower hight was 4 m and the solar collector diameter was 6 m. A maximum air temperature differance attained was 22ºC at mid day through the solar chimney. The study shows that Iraqi weathers are suitable for this system. Maximum heat transfer coeffecient (h) was 31.83 W/m2K, maximum air volume flow rate achieved was 0.065 m3/s, and maximum air velocity at the chimney outlet acquired was 2.309 m/s. Empirical equation that relates Nusselt and Rayleigh numbers was obtained.