To Study the possibility of producing self compacting concrete (SCC), 10% by weight of cement of metakaoline and silica fume were used and carbon fiber with two volume fraction (0.1%, 0.5%) and two fiber lengths (6mm, 12mm) were add . the effect of these variables on most properties of SCC containing fibers has been studied.
Test results show that concrete mixes containing metakaoline and silica fume required higher superplastizer content to 9% and 10% by weight of cement compared with 8% by weight of cement for mixes without Pozzolanic materials to maintain the self compatibility of mixes .
A significant improvement was observed in the mechanical properties of mixes including compressive and splitting tensile strength, Moduls of rupture, static Modulus of elastisity, and impact resistance. the improvment percentage at 28 days were (6.74% , 5.37% , 4.5% , 3.2% , 6.07%) respectively for SCC with silica fume mixes and (8.43% , 7.6% , 6.08% , 4.03% , 30.30%) respectively for SCC with High
reactive metakaolin mixes. Test results indicate that the addition of carbon fibers led to reduce the workability of mixes and the reduction was increased with fiber length and fiber content. mixes
reinforced with carbon fibers, the compressive and splitting tensile strength, modulus of rupture, static moduls of elastisity, and impact resistance at failure were higher than the reference mixes by not more than (25.75% , 66.18%, 38.26% , 14.14% and 1195%) respectively .