Deep excavation is very important problem in geotechnical engineering and use in construction of tunnel and underground structure. This paper study the deep excavation using Plaxis V8.2 engineering program and simulation the soil behavior by Hardening soil model (HSM) that very sensitive to descript the stress path of deep excavation and the model distinguishes between loading and unloading stiffness compares to The Mohr-Coulomb Model (MCM). The parametric study adopt the variation of sand density (loose, medium, and dense), and excavation width (B = 10,
20, 40, 60, and 80 m). The result conclusions this parameter it's very important on horizontal wall deflection, bending moment of wall, interface stress between soil and wall, heave, and settlement of near ground surface, to make the deep excavation and don’t failure
and reduce of on horizontal wall deflection, bending moment of wall, heave and settlements of near surface and contort on the near building to attainment the safe design and easy construction with optimum dimensions