Corrosion behavior of aluminum matrix composites (MMCs) with (10, 20 &30) weight fraction of each alumina and silicon carbide was investigated in 10% (NaCl, NaOH &HCl) solutions at different temperatures (40, 60, 80 &100) °C also at room temperature. The results showed the corrosion rate was increased with increasing in
weight fraction of alumina and silica as reinforcement due to discontinues protective film in addition to increasing in temperatures at 10 % HCl solution, it reached (8.252 mpy) by reinforced with SiC. Alumina was exhibited corrosion resistant better than
SiC due to it is insulator; galvanic corrosion occurs when incorporation of semiconductor SiC only. Specimens were exposed to NaOH solution, aluminum reinforced with Al2O3 and SiC appears poor corrosion resistance. Finally, the results of effect NaCl were investigated, appeared an increase in corrosion rate with increasing in time.