Fieldbus is a specific class of LAN technology, through which the communication process in industrial applications is integrated. The extent of using the wireless communications in most applications, leading to design hybrid wired/wireless fieldbus systems is based on standard PROFIBUS protocol. Because of the difference in physical
media such as bit rate and/or frame format between wired domain and wireless domain, there is a need to use a method to overcome traffic congestion that may occur in the intermediate systems as a result of the heterogeneity in the physical media. Within this work the intermediate systems (repeaters) are suggested to work as store-and-forward mode. The main objectives of this work is to develop simulation tools for the hybrid wired/wireless PROFIBUS architectures in order to perform behavioral study of such network protocols. The use of our developed simulation tools has indeed enabled us to
test different network configurations and different parameters settings more easily, cheaper, and faster than in a real application.