The current paper deals with the preparation of bars with a length of about 13 cm and 2.5 cm diameter from MMC materials. These composites consists of cast (Al-Si-Mg) as a matrix that reinforced with fly ash (0.454 ìm) or fly dust (0.620 ìm) in relative weights (2, 4, 6, and 8%) respectively. Both of composite materials samples were manufactured
by casting method (Vortex method). Vortex method has been used successfully to obtain a homogeneous distribution of reinforcement particles. Samples were classified into two categories according to the type of reinforcement particles. The results showed that the
wear rate of the samples depends heavily on the working conditions. Which increases with increased load and download time.The results also showed superiority aluminum alloy reinforced fly ash compared with the aluminum alloy reinforced with dust flying. Furthermore, a significant increase in the hardness and wear resistance for all samples
prepared with increasing added particles for the purpose of reinforcement.