This study has been designed to investigate the toxicity effects of
polyvinyl alcohol at different concentrations on peripheral blood lymphocytes by measuring each of blastogenic index, mitotic index and chromosomal aberration in addition to the polymorph nuclear leukocytes activity through determine both of the phagocytosis percent and phagocytosis index .The results show that PVA have no toxic effects at the concentrations 0.1,1,10,100,250 ƒÊg/ml because the cytogenetic parameters undergo not significantly raised (at P < 0.05) and
phagocytosis percent and phagocytosis index have been increased significantly (at P . 0.05). The immune response has been found to be significantly too (P . 0.05) in the presence of PVA with Candida albicans antigen as adjuvant via increasing the foot pad swelling in the immunized mice with 50 ƒÊg/ml of C.albicans antigen.