Butter was produced from a mixture of anhydrous milk fat and reconstituted dried skim milk in a ratio of 1:3 and different percentages (0-5%) added to starter mixture. Electrical butter churner was used for butter production. Composition, physicochemical, microbiological, and the effect of cold storage at 8ْ C of the resultant butter were studied. The composition of the resultant butter was similar to natural butter and it was awarded a total score of 92.5 for the organoleptic properties (taste, flavor, shape, body(texture), color) as compared to 97.0 for the natural butter. The pH of butter was reduced from 6.5 to 4.5 with increasing the added starter from 0 to 5%. Peroxide values of freshly prepared butter were 0.15-0.30 and increased up to 0.25-0.45 after 4 weeks of cold storage. The total bacterial counts, coliform counts, yeast and mold counts were within the
limits of the standards.