The quality of product is related to the shape of blanked edge. The blanking process is referring to a shearing or punching process. In this work an experimental investigation to the blanking process was carried out using cutting die with three groups of specimens at different direction (0¢ª, 45¢ª, 90¢ª) with respect to the sheet
rolling direction. The aim of this work is to study the effect of anisotropy on the characteristic features of sheared edge of aluminum sheet (Al-1100) with (2mm) thickness. The results of the experimental investigation show the effect of anisotropy on the magnitude of fracture zone for the sheared edges and on the shearing forcepunch
displacements curves. The rolling direction at 0¢ª is the best shape which it has the less fracture zone (50%) and the less shearing force and that led to better dimensions with respect to other directions at 90¢ª and at 45¢ª.