The continuous increase of disturbances on the interconnected electric power system resulting in its inability to reliably meet demands. This paper presents an application of a series capacitor compensation in transmission line and shunt reactors. Wherever all inductive loads required two kinds of power to operate with active power (P) and reactive power (Q) in design and operation of alternating current electric power systems. There is an important interrelation between reactive power and voltage of electrical power system
which depends on losses compensation using series capacitors compensation. The reactive power losses in power system distribution can be reduced by connect series capacitors and shunt reactors with transmission lines. From noticing the location of reactive power control in distribution substation we can see the reactive power, series
capacitors and shunt reactors, economical considerations which are effected on selection of using apparatus and equipments in power stations. Certain switching conditions of circuit breakers of electric power systems can result very high transient recovery voltages
comparing with its normal conditions of working. Using Metal-oxide varistor (MOV) and shunt reactors helping on damping high voltages and return systems to its normal state. The paper describes how can we design and implement series capacitors compensation to solve problem working of reactive power and collapse voltage in transmission lines using simulation methods.