The aim of this study is to create a FEM simulation model in order to obtain Numerical
solutions of cutting forces, for a range of coated tool materials and defined cutting
conditions. Commercial implicit finite element code MSC.Marc has been used in
simulations of orthogonal cutting processes performed by means of multi-coated tools. The
latter were equipped with progressively increasing number of thin layers including TiC, TiN
and Al2O3 films deposited onto ISO P20 carbide substrates. Results showing the tool–chip
interfacial friction influencing the force distribution fields, as the consequence of using
coated tools. The various force simulation results obtained were compared with the
measurements of cutting force and discussed in terms of literature data.
This paper also reports the procedure and specific modeling techniques for simulating
the orthogonal metal cutting process using a general-purpose finite element computer code.
The finding of this paper provides useful insights for understanding and for improving the
orthogonal metal cutting process. The predicted value of Fc is in good agrement with the
experimentally measured with an error of 8%