Wadi Al Naft is a narrow valley originates from the confluence of two tributaries
within the industrial region of (BaBa GurGur). The valley is being used to discharge the
oily wastewater from the North Oil Company (NOC) premises in addition to the natural
oil seepages within the industrial region. The oily wastewater is a polluting source to the
agricultural lands at Hawija district and further lands. The study included (111) samples
of oily wastewater from (13) sampling stations (9 on the first tributary and 3 on the
second tributary) along the course of Wadi Al Naft and its tributaries. The sampling
procedure was performed for a continuous period of seven months (Jan.2007-May2007),
in addition at selective seasonal periods during April and July. It was found that the oil
concentration plays a major role in polluting the wastewater discharged to the channel;
which was (44%) above the permissible standard.