In this research the wear rate of the polyester reinforced by chopped glass
fibers and chopped Kevlar fibers with length (1-2.5 mm) and weight fraction (4, 8, 12,
16 WT %) has been investigated. A Pin -on- Disc wear testing machine of variable
speed has been used. Flat against flat sliding surfaces under variable working
parameters conditions have been tested.
The results of flat sliding surfaces show that the wear rate of the specimens
depends heavily on the working condition. It increases with the increase of the load
and sliding speed, and the wear rate decreases with the increase of the weight fraction.
The results also show that the wear rate for polyester reinforced by Kevlar
fiber was less than the polyester reinforced by glass fiber. The optimum value of wear
rate was (2.75*10-6 mm3/mm) happened at weight fraction (16 WT %) when reinforced
by Kevlar fibers.