Jute fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin composites (J/UP) were
subjected to low velocity impact tests in several Temperatures degree in order to study the effects of temperature variance on the intrinsic fracture toughness Gc impact properties. An investigation was conducted onto the effects of temperatures on impact resistance of jute fiber-reinforced unsaturated polyester resin composite. Impact tests were performed on the specimens at different temperatures. The temperatures were 27, 50, 75 and 100 Cº. The results reflect the influence of ambient temperature on impact toughness measurements. The results
indicate an obvious correlation between the ambient temperatures and impact load, total absorbed energy and fracture toughness. The prepared specimens exhibited brittle fracture behavior with a lower peak load, lower impact energy and less time to fail compared with results at temperature higher Tg. The impact test results show that the total energy absorbed at 100 C° have higher energy when the composite behavior changed from brittle to ductilebehavior. The intrinsic
fracture toughness is higher for specimens tested in 100 Cº and 75 Cº and shows ductile behavior; while specimens tested with temperature lower than Tg show brittle fracture and lower Gc.