The research aims to use the technical abilities for geographic information system in the field of designing and drawing maps by saving huge amount of information in a fast and organized way also to shows data and maps from the computer in high speed. In addition it makes corrections on maps in high speed and in the least cost and time. Also high accuracy in data analysis which is difficult in manual ways.
Further more it enables as to analyze the geographic information and connect between them in an easy way. It takes out new information from the original information on the maps like taking out digital terrain model from the Contour Maps and to show loca information system on the computer with maximization and minimization also changing the scale easily and the ability of three dimensions showing. In this study the information were gathered from the soil reports of the National
Center for Construction Laboratories for different parts of Baghdad area in addition to Laboratory reports done by Consultation Bureaus. Three soil properties were studied permeability as a physical property, pH as a chemical property and bearing capacity of soil as a engineering property. These data were treated and analyzed by using geographic information system to produce contour maps, after that local
analysis was done for data to come up with digital terrain models in a three dimensional figure to manifest earth surface. By these abilities, a digital data base was made for these properties that can be generalization for all soil properties and for all parts of Iraq, which enables to do the recyclization and treatment and analysis easily in making the designing and planning of any engineering project