The process control network and subscribers to extract information entry and
exit, supported them by providing time for the cases of entry and exit, and archiving in
databases has become one of the basic requirements of each organization
In this paper, we propose designing a system control and monitoring of participants
within the scope (Domain) by taking advantage of the previous registration system
(Active Directory) through the use of modern techniques to ensure speed and
protection, that is (ASP.Net) and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)
technology with data storage in using archive (MS SQL Server)
The implementation results show the capability of AJAX that meets the optimal
performance through implementing an employees ’ logins monitoring system. This is
done through taking the benefit of Microsoft domain server logs file that records the
logins for all employees linked to that domain and collecting these information to be
nicely showed in web report automatically every day. This daily task is controlled by
using Microsoft tasks schedules linked to Microsoft SQL server tasks. So this
implementation of the employees’ logins monitoring system illustrates the building of
a system using Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL 2000, AJAX, and Microsoft.NET
Framework to create powerful control web applications.