In this work production of aluminium matrix composites with silicon carbide (α-SiC) as reinforcement material were fabricate, the particle sizes of (SiC) used were (500μm- 250 μm and125 μm), with weight percentage of (7.5% - 10% - 15%) from silicon carbide for eachparticle size. The single action pressing was used as one of P/M methods then followed by sintering process at temperature of 450 ºC. The samples subjected to the electrochemical corrosion test at room temperature.
The medium of corrosion was solution of 3% weight (NaCl+distilled water)
solution. It is found from the photograph microscopy and the results test that all samples which reinforced by(SiC) particles have a(craves or pit) which caused by the particles that act as a cathode sites , and when the size and the percentage of particles increase the Icorr through it also increase as shown in the result.