In view of the developments of industrial applications, this happened in recent years and the need to use composite materials in general and polymer composite especially in the various industrial applications developed. this research deals with the study of the thermal characteristics for polymer composite and its matrix material
is (unsaturated polyester) reinforced by copper particles for circular form of spacemen with Special dimension to examine in Lees Disk Apparatus by using the following weight fracture
(7%,10%,15%,20%,25%,30%,35%,40%,45%,50%,75%).we found increasing in the
thermal conductivity with increase of weight fracture and when comparing the values of thermal conductivity to resin unsaturated polyester without any additions the value is (0.17w/m.co) and when at the weight fracture 7% the value is (1.049 w/m.co) and the values of the thermal conductivity begin to increasing with the increasing of
the Wight fracture whish used in this research were the value of thermal conductivity is (1.838 w/m.co ) at weight fracture 30% and still increasing to the highest value to (7.269 w/m.co )at the weight fracture 75% , its mean the positive effect of copper particles on the polymer composite materials and returns to increasing and improve
the thermal characteristics of polymer material .