The study included 82 patients whom infected with diabetes disease and 15 healthy individual from different places in Baghdad ( 1/4/2008 to 1/6/2009 ) patients were subjected to the glucose rate test in blood. The patients were divided into two groups, the first was included the patients who treat with insulin, while the second group included the patients who treat with oral hypoglycemic drugs. The study aimed to measure the glucose rate test in blood on those who have diabetes disease and it's relationship with the time and power of infection and the way of treatment and the comparison between the two sex and it's effect on the infection of nephropathy from measuring the protein's level and activity of some ( enzymes Alkaline phosphates and acid phosphates) AL.P, AC.P, Albumin (A ), A/G ratio, ( Glutamat oxaloacetate transminase ) GOT, ( Glutamat pyruvate transminase ) GPT, ( Total protein ) T.P. Results show increasing in glucose's concentration in blood has relationship with long duration of infection and the infection of male and female is similar. Long duration of infection has a great effect on occurring nephropathy while
the infection with nephropathy was a result of infection with diabetes disease in female in old ages is more than in male. The study is also appeared that the treatment with insulin is more qualification that the treatment of oral hypoglycemic drugs, noticed that the glucose rate is decreased in patients who have treatment with insulin.