The intersection between part features caused ambiguousness in feature
representation because the topology in this case will be change. To overcome this no unique and ambiguousness by combine the topology and characteristics to extract and recognize the intersection features. This paper introduces new general algorithm to: (1) construct developed Attributes Adjacency Matrix (DAAM) and (2) analysis the DAAM to extract and recognize the isolated and intersection (complex) manufacturing features. This algorithm consists of two stages, preprocessor
stage which performs extraction of information from Design Exchange
Format (DXF) file, and post-processor stage which recognizes part’s features depending on the relations included in DAAM. The parts are represented in AutoCAD using Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) technique and the algorithm built in visual basic. Several parts tested and succeed to recognize several types of intersection (complex) manufacturing features. The main contributions of this research include building the adjacent relations between faces of the part by
geometrical characteristics in form of matrix, and use clustering operation to extract the exact faces of feature and use different classes of geometrical characteristics to assisting to recognize interacting depression prismatic features.