The novel analysis of two buildings A and B, by finite element method via ANSYS software and experimentally are presented. The investigation is carried out to show the stresses distribution and the deflections and the cracks propagation in the walls and concrete slabs and beams for the two buildings. In both buildings the investigation included load-deflection curves, stresses and cracks patterns. The stress concentration factor is calculated for two buildings. Results are shown that the factor of concentrated for building A is between (8.4-11.4) for walls contain four windows and (6.1-7.4) for walls contain two doors, while in building B the factor of concentrated is between (13.4-14.1) for walls contain one door, and (13.9-14.6) for walls contain three windows. Also the results indicated that the cracks growth in the sites of high concentrated stresses and the load-deflection curve are approximately linear even with different loads.