The estimation of minimum temperature, maximum temperature,
humidity and precipitation and all other climatic variables needs a range of models depending on the time scales involved. In this research a comprehensive models to generate minimum, maximum temperature and humidity based on monthly mean values for TuzKhormatoo region were developed for 30 years ahead .All these models were depended on a previous monthly data which were documented for the period (10/1978-12/2009). The Stochastic weather generator (SWG) models were used to compute the climatic variables by adjusting the parameters appropriately for the future climates factors and then by using them to
estimate maximum, minimum temperature and humidity .It was concluded from this research that there will be an increase in the monthly mean values of the maximum and minimum temperature values of this region in the future. It was concluded also due to the generation process that there is a need for highly correlated climatic variables to build such model .