Limited water resources formed a great challenge for the specialists in
water resources engineering. This challenge is represented by “ design and manage the projects” connected with water resources in such a way that insure providing suitable quantity and quality of water. In this research, the discrete differential dynamic programming approach
is used to find the optimal monthly operation of Haditha Dam by adopting an objective function to minimize the release and storage penalty. The historical inflow data of 240 months, from Oct. 1987 to Sep. 2007, formed the input data to the optimization model to find the (upper and lower) rule curves. Preserved the logical state of reserve storage, i.e., save minimum operation storage just before the expected start of the effective flood and maximum operation storage at the end of the flood season. The optimum operation policy showed that Haditha reservoir can contain the probable maximum flood of Euphrates flood during the considered operation period, 240 months, and the water level in the reservoir above the operation level of the reservoir during the same period, while this policy gave deficit in satisfying the demands downstream Haditha Dam The deficiency was noticed during ( 152 )