Two methods of Multiple Linear Regression have been used in the current study. The two methods are:
1- All Possibles Regression.
2- The BackWord Elimination Procedure.
To determine the effect of temperature dgrees (ST), the number of population (SP) the personal income rate (SX, and the electrical power consamption (SY) in Basra during the period (2001-2010) the results of data were obtained by using the statistical program (SPSS). It is found that, there is significant effect of the above variables the income per capita at the rate (SX), temperature dgrees (ST) and the number of population (SP) consumption of electricity power (SY). The value of the
extension and its adjustment were obtained to show the significant also the Significant extents of these factors was examined interpretation of the impact of electricity power consumption (SY) for the factors the number of population (SP), temperature dgrees (ST) and the income per capita at the rate (SX).The values of Regression factors b0, b1, b2, and b3 were obtained also.