The present work is an experimental study on the effect of solid loading and
solid properties of both single and binary mixtures on the hydrodynamic parameters
(gas holdup and bubble dynamics) of a fluidized bed bubble column. The experiments
were performed in a QVF glass made column of 15 cm diameter. Wide range of solid
particle diameters (0.5 to 3mm) with two different densities
(i.e., 1025 and 1150 kg/m3 ) were investigated for the bubble effect on gas holdup and
bubble dynamics using air with different gas superficial velocities ( 3 to 9 cm/s). A
binary mixture consisting of different compositions of solid particles was prepared to
be utilized in the study. It was observed that for specified operating conditions used in
the experiments there is a proportional relationship between gas holdup and both
superficial gas velocity and particle diameter while an inverse relationship exists
between gas holdup and both solid concentration and particles density. Bubble
dynamics (i.e., bubble diameter and bubble rise velocity) is looked at from a different
view point, it increases with increasing solid concentration and with decreasing
particles diameter.