In this investigation the individual component models for a typical subcritical cycle are developed based on the best published theoretical and empirical literature. The developed approach, especially for air conditioning systems, is conceptually new and can be used with modification to a variety of multicomponent system applications. The component models are then integrated and the model predictions validated against the data from various experimental test systems.
A variable speed compressor test rig was used to obtain the experimental data to be compared with the results predicted from the system model. The experimental data was monitored from the start-up of the system until the achievement of its steady-state. The system approached its steady-state after 270 sec and 360 sec for compressor speeds of 900 rpm and 1200 rpm respectively. The system disturbance was imposed by changing the operation conditions for each component. A comparison between the experimental data for these disturbances and theoretical results shows a good agreement with a discrepancy of
about (5%). The model can be used as a basis for the design, performance and efficiency of a vapor compression systems.