Given the emergence of cracks in a high proportion of clay product in the production phase of the plant Blocks in the laboratory Abu- Nuass which was reflected in the increase of damage from the permissible limits, as well as the high proportion of soluble salts that are on the
external surfaces of the product, which negatively affect the properties of bricks in the future lead to the break in the walls and turned into a fragile strength, which affects the safety and
durability of origin and to address these negative phenomena and to identify causes and improve the properties of brick products to be within the specification has been adopted for this research
and to take practical steps in the development of a scientific program for the follow-up stages of the process of production and make the appropriate adjustments to it, starting with the initial article and the semi-final and ending with the product. The focus was on developing a program to modify the conditions of drying and burning and the
adoption of the drying period of time not exceeding 72 hours and a gradual manner to control on the stresses generated by the sudden evaporation of water. As well as kaolin’s clay been added to the soil and in different proportions were different burning temperature was reached by adding the best results (30-40)% of kaolin’s clay degree burn (950-1000) m into the soil and following the step-by-step method of drying, where it was observed a significant improvement in the properties of bricks in terms of strength and absorption of water and effloresce phenomenon.