In this paper the effect of the springback on the bending operation of different
materials and alloys have been studied. Dies were designed and constructed in
different shape ( U-die , V-die) for several sheet’s thickness. Two types of alloys
were used; Aluminum Alloy 7020 T6 and Brass Alloy. These alloys have different
sheet thickness (2, 4, 6 and 8) mm. Aluminum alloys are heated to 270 °C and
330°C with cooling in the furnace for 90 min. while the brass alloys heated to 300,
320, 340 and 420 °C with cooling for 2 hours in furnace. Bending was done by
using the press of 80 ton. The springback is calculated by published equation. It
can be concluded that, the springback phenomenon caused to enlarge the external
dimensions when releasing the load and thick material have less springback due to
the enlarge of the plastic deformation. It’s found that the die’s shapes have great
effect on the springback, and when the temperature of the specimen is increased,
caused decreased in the springback.