In this study, a laboratory scale system of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
(MBBR) was used to treat municipal wastewater from a domestic community in
Baghdad City to get the water free from BOD for reuse in the irrigation or
discharge to the river. The aim of the described experimentation was the
comparison of a low cost MBBR and an activated sludge system (AS); the other
aim from this research is to derive successful MBBR wastewater reuse projects in
Iraq. Laboratory experiments were conducted in two parts, firstly at BOD5 load of
about (150-200) mg/l, filling ratio of plastic elements in the MBBR reactor was
40%. Aerobic reactor consumed most of the biodegradable organic matter. The
BOD5 removal efficiencies were 78 and 90% for MBBR & AS respectively.
Second part when BOD5 load about (900-1300) mg/l used (synthetic wastewater)،
filling ratio is 67%. The removal efficiencies of BOD reached 73 % for AS and
about 88% for MBBR.