Educational Data Mining (EDM) is the process of converting raw data from
educational systems to useful information that can be used by educational software
developers, students, teachers, parents, and other educational researchers. One of
the difficulties in the educational institutes that face the tutor is how to write a
paper. This work aims to help the tutor to write a researched paper on specific
subject by finding another tutor who is also inter
ested in the same subject. This is done by exploring the tutor database by using
the proposed educational data mining system, the tutor database is arranged in
multidimensional form will include: tutor’s teaching subjects, tutor’s interesting
areas, tutor’s published researches, tutor’s Msc. and Ph.D research subjects. The
proposed system implements SMC and Cosine similarity measures with new
proposed representation of tutor’s database. A clustering K-Means techniques and
associated rule generation is implemented by using WEKA data mining tool. The
results obtained from that work are very useful for tutor and they give a rich
analysis for developing researched papers for different tutors.