Flexible ac transmission system (FACTS) can provide control more than
conventional control and achieve fast control response time, STATCOM is a shunt
FACTS device it is used to voltage control and increase the performance of the system.
In this paper STATCOM is used to improve the voltage magnitude and stability for the
Iraqi (400KV) super grid network byusing MATLAB/SIMULINK. STATCOM is
connected to Iraqi (400kv) super gridnetworkwhich is consisting of twenty four buses,
eleven generators, eleven step up transformers fromeach generator side, twenty step
down transformers from each load side and twenty loads.The loads variation through
the seasons of the year causesdrop voltage on the buses of the network.To return the
voltage to the rated value (400kv) STATCOM is used for this purpose. STATCOM
provides suitable reactive power to the network to compensate the drop voltage on the
buses, in the same time when the STATCOM improves the voltage there are large
oscillations. These oscillations are handled by using power oscillation damping (POD)
and proportional integral (PI) controller with the STATCOM.Each of thepower
oscillation damping (POD) and Proportional integral (PI) controller is connected inside
current regulator of the STATCOM device.The performance of the (POD) and (PI) in
cancelation the oscillations is compared.