The aim of this work is to study the influence of the temperature on the ultimate
tensile strength (UTS) of composite material which is manufactured from polyester and
E-glass (woven roving, chopped strand mat) as a laminate with a constant fiber volume
fraction (VF) of 33%. The results showed a little effect of temperature on tensile
strength in the range of room temperature (RT) to 50 oC for laminates reinforced with
E-glass (woven roving) [0/90, ±45,0/90], [0/90]3, and [0/90, CSM, 0/90], but for
laminates reinforced with E-glass chopped strand mat (CSM), as [CSM] 3 and [CSM,
0/90, CSM], a continuous reduction in strength was observed with increasing
temperature from (RT) to 60 oC. The highest percentage reduction in strength was 23%
at 60oC as compared with (RT) for [CSM]3 laminate