The application of Fuzzy Logic (FL) for the development of guidance laws for
homing missile is presented. Fuzzy logic has been used to develop a Composite
Fuzzy Guidance (CFG) law. The objective of this proposed guidance law is to
combine desirable features of PN and APN homing guidance laws to enhance the
interception of targets performing uncertain maneuvers without reaching the missile
to saturation limit.
During this work, it became apparent that the fuzzy controller of the CFG law can
be further tuned to enhance its performance. Genetic Algorithms (GAs) which are
inspired by natural genetics are one of the algorithms that can be used to tune the
parameters of fuzzy controllers due to the promising results that they introduced in
the field of optimization.
This paper introduces the integration of GAs and FL with a main emphasis on
tuning the membership function parameters of fuzzy logic controller of the proposed
CFG law using Genetic Algorithms (GAs) with the view to improve its performance.
The simulation has been performed using Borland C++ programming language
(version 5.02) along with the Matlab programming package (version 7.0) that has
been used for plotting the results of simulations.