The purpose of the paper is to present a study of the effect of the ply orientation
angle on the crushing behavior, energy absorption, specific energy absorption, and
failure mode of woven glass fiber/polyester laminated composite tube. Glasspolyester
tubular specimens with circular cross-sectional geometry and (+45˚/-45˚,
+60°/-30°, 0°/90°) fiber orientation angles were fabricated and crushed by quasistatic
test under the same condition to examine the energy absorption
characteristics and to calculate the crashworthiness parameters. The loaddisplacement
curves of the tested tubes were presented and described; several
failure modes of the crushed tubes were observed and discussed. It has been found
that the fiber orientation angle has a considerable effect on the crushing
characteristic of the collapsed tubes and the failure mode, and (0°/90°) fiber
orientation angle tubes exhibit the highest SEA (specific energy absorption) 33.108
kJ/kg, crush force efficiency (0.7), crush strain relation (0.81) and a
load/deformation curve closer to the ideal curve than the other specimens.