Laser ablation of metal plate in water was performed in order to obtain gold and silver
nanoparticles. Transmittance electron microscopy TEM and uv-vis spectrophotometer
were conducted in order to determine the size and optical properties of the nanoparticles,
respectively. The nanoparticles concentrations were also characterized by atomic
absorption spectroscopy AAS measurement. The absorbance spectra show a sharp and
peaks around 400 or 525 nm, indicating the production of silver and gold nanoparticles
with average size of 25 nm, have been confirmed by TEM. Both Gold and silver
nanoparticles show inhibition on the gama glutamate transferase (γ-GT) activity. The
inhibition effect increase as a function of nanoparticles concentrations. Kinetic properties
of (γ-GT) activity revealed (by nanoparticles) mixed type of inhibition.