In this Work, Laser energy effects on optical and morphological properties of
TiO2 thin film has been carried out using Reactive Pulsed Laser as a Deposition
technique (RPLD). Q-switched Nd-YAG laser with (ë=1.06ìm, t =7nsec) and
different energies have been used to ablate pure Titanium target and deposited thin
films on glass substrates with constant substrate temperature of (343K). The optical
properties of the films prepared include Optical transmit ion and absorption
measurement, surface uniformity measurement and FTIR structure of these films.
The results films show that high transparency reached to about (85-98) % can be
achieved with TiO2 film which itself decreases sharply with the increasing of Laser
energy while the optical band gap is (3.7-3.9) eV at optimum Laser energy in all
results (800mJ), the FTIRstructure result at 800 mJ is the optimum and peaks
absorption of TiO2 are (408.91, 439.77, 524.64) cm-1.